Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Assalaamu Aleykum Warahmatulallah Wabarakatuhu 

(May peace be upon you, and Allah's Mercy and Allah's Blessings) 

Welcome to the blog "The Natural Muslim". Insha Allah (by Allah's Will) here you will find useful tips and information on how to keep yourselves beautiful in a way which pleases Allah swt. This blog is not only for muslims, but for non- and future muslims as well :) Here I will post the natural ways of how to care for your body and health, as well as the Islamic view on the contemporary issues regarding this.

Muslims are not supposed to use something which is harmful to either body or their soul. This is hard to avoid today where most cosmetics do have some side effects as they use chemicals with still un known long term effects. I guess this issue is not relevant to Muslims alone, but rather to the whole humanity. I hope to introduce various natural products and ways to care for our body and hygiene as I myself realized that I just cant continue putting all those chemicals into my system any longer.

So please feel free to share your ideas and knowledge with me, and Insha Allah (by Allah's Will) we will all benefit from that!

To beautify your eyes, lower your gaze towards strange men, this will make your eyes pure and shiny.

To have attractive lips, always remember to speak the truth.

As for blush and rouge, "Modesty" (Haya') is one of the best brands and it can be found in any of the Islamic centers.

To remove impurities from your face and body, use a soap called "Istighfaar". Insha'Allah this soap will remove any bad deeds.(Ameen)

Now about your hair, if any of you has a problem of hair split>ends, then I suggest "Islamic Hijaab" which will protect your hair from damage.

As for jewelery, beautify your hands with humbleness and let your hands be a power to forgive people who hurt your feelings. 

And the necklace should be a sign to pardon you fellow brothers and sisters.

Disclaimer! None of this information is meant as professional advice, please make sure to take caution to individual physical needs and ills

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