Sunday, 19 September 2010

Assalaamu Aleykum Warahmatulallah Wabarakatuhu

(May peace be upon you and Allah's Mercy and Allah's Blessings)

The main purpose for starting this blog is to please Allah swt by making use of what I have learned so far and bringing it to some benefit for the people, especially to our Ummah (muslim society). Yes, indeed this is a time of the Islamic awakening, and there is a big need to provide the Muslims with halal (permissible) alternatives. But just as much it is also important to bring knowledge so that we would be able to choose the right alternative when presented to it. 

First of all, this blog will not be based on the consumptive values. Islam rejects extravagance and wastefulness. Moderation is always advocated. So this blog is not going to join the craze of the "organic industry". I have always found that concept kind of ridiculous. Go 200 or 300 years back in our history, and all things on this earth were the so called organic goods. It is only in the recent century with the oil explosion and mass production that chemicals have been taken into use and food and other goods began to be made synthetically and artificially. Allah warns us in the Quran that the shaytan will tempt us to change the creation of Allah:

"[Shaitan had said] And I will mislead them, and I will arouse in them [sinful] desires, and I will command them so they will slit the ears of cattle, and I will command them so they will change the creation of Allah. And whoever takes Satan as an ally instead of Allah has certainly sustained a clear loss. [An-Nisa (The Women) 4:119]"

And this is exactly what had happened. The most scary thought right now is that even the genes of the natural products such as vegetation have been manipulated and modified. 

Insha Allah, the next step which I will focus on in this blog, will be to bring awareness of what we eat. I have already provided you with some spiritual resources, which I hope you have started reading. Please continue to do so to create a nice base before we move onto the physical aspects. 

Here is an excerpt from a hadith:

"...Beware, in the body there is a piece of flesh; if it is sound, the whole body is sound and if it is corrupt the whole body is corrupt, and hearken it is the heart." (Muslim)

So lets take care of our hearts insha Allah til the next post!

Disclaimer! Please do check all the facts for yourselves, do not be satisfied with my opinion. Anything good I have said is from Allah, and anything bad I have said is from myself.

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